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The Magnificent Mile — Demographics

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The Wrigley Building offers a level of visibility and vitality found nowhere else in the world. By day, the population within a quarter-mile radius approaches 50,000. In this city within a city, incomes average around $80,000, and homes have a median value more than 60 percent above the national average.

Extend the circle to a mile, and nearly half a million people come to work and play here each day. When the workday is over, Michigan Avenue continues to teem with excitement as locals and tourists alike gravitate to its shops, hotels and restaurants. That’s why the words “Meet me at The Wrigley Building” never lose their magic.

.25 mile .5 mile 1 mile
Residential population 3,739 24,777 64,518
Daytime population 48,368 155,504 462,898
Average annual income $80,953 $83,965 $79,201