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Wrigley Building Image Gallery


The Wrigley Building ExteriorThe Wrigley Building
Health ClubHealth Club
TWB Health Club - StudioHealth Club
TWB Health Club - EquipmentHealth Club
New Tenant Lounge DesignNew Tenant Lounge Design
Tenant Conference Center Executive Conference Room 2 12.05.13Tenant Conference Center
Tenant Conference Center KitchenTenant Conference Center
North Tower - Tenant SpaceNorth Tower – Tenant Space
South Tower LobbySouth Tower Lobby
North Tower LobbyNorth Tower Lobby
North Tower LobbyNorth Tower Lobby
North Tower Lobby DetailNorth Tower Lobby
Wrigley Building with the trump tower behind it The Wrigley Building
view from the wrigley building's top floor 30th floor of Michicag Avenue The Chicago River, viewed from The Wrigley Building
view of Michigan Avenue Magnificent Mile and Chicago RiverSouth View Down Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue at duskNight View of the Chicago River from The Wrigley Building